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Making Comics Megapack

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Making Comics Megapack

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Master the art of making comics on Procreate with this Megapack of comic tools. 
This Pack includes:

  • over 100 Brushes / stamps, including:

    • Pencil / ink brushes

    • Panel making brushes

    • Crosshatching brushes

    • Explosion stamps

    • Word-baloon stamps

    • Textures, Cracks and ink splatter stamps

    • Silhouettes brushes

    • Manga Screentone brushes

  • 40+ drawings

  • paper textures

  • 20+ sound effect drawings

  • screentone sheets and textures

  • Tutorials on how everything works

  • free updates for at least the next 2 years, added here on your download library.

All of the drawings are royalty free for whatever use you want them for.

Happiness Guarantee!!

Your happiness is my number one priority. If you have a problem within the first 7 days, I'll solve it, exchange it, or whatever it takes to ensure you walk away happy.

- Fannar G

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100+ brushes, 40+ Drawings, 20+ Paper Textures, 20+ Sound Effect Drawings, 80+ Screentones

1.29 GB